About LED light emitting shoe principle

- Dec 21, 2016-

Glow shoes lamp contains a tube, and II conductive block, and a put placed sleeve in the of ball and the a plug cover, its features is: the sleeve, by insulation material made, has reverse of a top surface and about end surface, and the by the top surface down end surface extends of a concave hole, the concave hole has once Shang of open end and the a near the bottom surface of closed end, the concave hole and has a adjacent the open end of wide diameter Department, and a away from the open end and diameter is less than the wide diameter Department of narrow diameter Department, and the connection the wide diameter Department, and narrow diameter Department of shoulder, The sleeve more has a group interval relative and by the bottom surface extends to closed end of pass hole; the ball, for conductive material made, is can scroll to placed Yu the sleeve of concave hole within; the conductive block, by conductive material made and each other phase interval to placed Yu the sleeve of pass hole and the concave hole in the, and the conductive block instead of ends bottom the has once the sleeve of bottom surface bottom extends of Terminal, and the a by the terminal of top to middle extends of semicircular block shaped undertake seat, and the undertake seat has a round WA top surface, The round WA top surface of a outside week margin is is located in the concave hole of shoulder and narrow diameter Department of adjacent at, the round WA top surface and by the outside week margin to the concave hole Center at down tilt, and the conductive block of round WA top surface common formed a SAG Department; the plug cover, by insulation material made and fixed to installation in the sleeve of top surface, and closed the concave hole of the open end.

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