Analyze several advantages of led rechargeable shoe lamp.

- May 08, 2018-

We all know that led rechargeable shoes can add beauty and personality to shoes, but more advantages are not known to the public. Here are some of its advantages.

1. Ultra-long life, led rechargeable shoe lamp can use theoretical life for more than 10,000 hours. Traditional shoes are short in life with fluorescent lamps, and sometimes they are not very long after they are bought.

2. Light healthy light contains no ultraviolet or infrared radiation, no radiation, no pollution.

3. Green environmental protection does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and lead, which is conducive to recycling and utilization, and does not produce electromagnetic interference. Ordinary shoe colors are poisonous with fluorescent lamps and are harmful to the body and environment.The use of traditional battery is more serious environmental pollution.

4. Light efficiency is low, and 90% of electrical energy is converted into visible light.

5. High safety factor required voltage, low current, low heat, no safety hazard, the baby is dressed in beautiful, and mother is also relieved.

6. It can be used for charging, and it is not a waste of resources. It is a good product of festival source.The conventional battery died soon after it was used.With ease.

Of course, energy conservation and environmental protection are the main reasons why we consider the use of led rechargeable shoes, which is also the goal of our enterprise development.

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