Explanation about the color temperature of the LED string lights

- Dec 21, 2016-

Refers to the standard black body heating, temperature increases to a certain degree of color from red-light red-orange-white-blue, changing light and bold colorsare the same, we will bold the absolute temperature is called the color temperature of the light source.

Generally not as an indicator of the test LED lights with color temperature, but many foreign customers because the relationship to the environment, will make a special request.

Light source color temperature of different light colors are also different:

Color temperature is below 3300K, Red gives a warm feeling of light and color; has a stable atmosphere and warm feel., commonly known as warm temperature.

Color temperature in the middle of 3000--6000K, people without clear tones of a visual effect, refreshing feeling; it is called "neutral" color temperature.

Color temperature 6000K, color: blue, gives a cold feeling, known as cool temperatures.

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