How the LED shoes works?

- Jan 19, 2018-

IC, or integrated circuit, is integrated circuit of acronyms, is to use semiconductor production process, on a small piece of monocrystalline silicon slice to make many transistors and resistors, capacitors and other components, and in accordance with the method of multilayer wiring or tunnel wiring components combined into a complete electronic circuit.It's in the circuit with the letters "IC"

The classification of the IC

IC according to the function can be divided into: digital IC, analog IC, microwave, IC and other IC, among them, digital IC is the most widely used in recent years, the fastest growing IC varieties.Digital IC is the IC transmission, processing, digital signal processing, can be divided into general digital IC and special digital IC.

General IC:

Refers to the user, fields widely used and standard of circuit, such as memory (DRAM), the microprocessor (MPU) and microcontrollers (MCU), reflects the status quo of digital IC and level.

Dedicated IC (ASIC) :

Refers to the user for a specific, some special or special purpose designed circuit.

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