Lifestyle design of--LED light shoes

- Dec 21, 2016-

Keep walking, constantly calling, constantly glowing in the night reminding peoplethat you also let you discover the existence of obstacles. This all memories of childhood days, when there was a shoe shine shoes, walked in wearing it tap tap on the way, colorful light emitted from your shoes.

Although shoes designed for adults, but the whole design concept of this pair of shoes people are from a child's head. Maybe designers is a childlike man.

This sneaker has a qualitative leap in the time of the child, it becomes more like awork of science and technology. You can say it is the only shoe light on my feet, you can say it's a pair of glowing light shoes. But anyway, this pair of shoes will glow.Light needs how to? Rest assured, do not need to install battery trouble. It can walk through a person's sole special devices to make power generation, it should bea simple development of the kinetic energy into electrical energy.

In addition, in back of the shoe, there is a switch, marked as a light bulb. It is said that this shoe to the light emitted by the front of the range is 1.5 meters. Without fear of leakage, as it was specially made waterproof. Only concern is, exactly how much electricity it can be stored? Can come a long journey?

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