New intelligent backpacks with LED lamp lighting looking for something instead of sorrow

- Dec 21, 2016-

You go out in the process, every backpack is inseparable from the essentials. But I believe we often encounter this kind of problem: place too many items in the backpack, it is difficult to quickly find the items they need. The main reason is because the backpack in black, at this time, you have to make a hand, open the phone's flashlight function for illumination, in serious trouble.

Abroad, the designers have encountered this situation, they gave a perfect solution, this solved the problem. This smart backpack, although did not seem strange. But opened the zipper with a backpack, you can see the inside with a light, can make inside the backpack is very bright, easy to find items. Light for LED lighting design, minimal power consumption, built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery designedto provide lighting in several months time.

Say smart backpack, because the LED lights with sensors, when the induction time to unzip, lights will turn on. After the zip, lights will automatically turn off. To achieve the purpose of saving power. In addition, the LED light with a circle of red light, if the user forgets to zip up and also flashing in order to remind users to zip up, prevent loss of purpose and very user friendly.

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