Performance and characteristics of LED string lights

- Dec 21, 2016-

1.LED out the lights imported chip packaged light emitting diodes as the light source;

2.LED light beam angle design of large, half-angle > 120 degrees, even mixed color, colorless plaque;

3.LED out the lights use LED constant voltage power supply, circuit design for constant current circuit, stable performance, so as to ensure normal life > 50,000 hours;

4.LED good uniformity of color of lights, colors are red, yellow, green, blue, white,warm white, etc;

5.LED light string installed convenient, after a one-time injection molded waterproof, water-resistant grade IP65, the plastic cards are installed, you do not need anyaccessories, can be directly installed and fixed in the hole;

6.LED string lights can undertake processing punched out the lights;

7.LED string lights colorful jump through colorful and full-color controllers, gradients, color, full color with flowing effects.

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