Strengthen independent research and development, attach importance to led rechargeable shoe lamp important function.

- May 08, 2018-

The Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai world expo and other major events for the led rechargeable light shoes showcase let people have a new understanding to its, vigorously promote the development of Chinese led rechargeable light shoes industry.But for domestic enterprises, it is the first task to strengthen independent research and development, scale up and improve product quality and technology.

TCL Corporation patent development and licensing of intellectual property rights centre department minister Wang Huajun told reporters: "in the face of foreign companies' eyeing, domestic enterprises should practice the internal strength, strengthen independent innovation, focus on research and development can be widely accepted and approved by the new technology, and on this basis, licensing, cooperation with foreign companies."

", moreover, can be on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, strengthen the imitation innovation, through the competition of core patents to improve, improve the effect of its technology, advanced patent applications, it is an effective way to avoid patent infringement risk."MAO jinsheng, director of the development research center of the state intellectual property office.

Xie guanbin, a lawyer at Beijing cube law firm, expressed the same view.He thinks, the enterprise should learn the legitimate use of advanced technology, tracking expiring patents, patent licensing contracts, antitrust approval, cross permission, authorization, production, and also to expand the market uncovered patent country.

For domestic enterprises face more and more intellectual property disputes, especially foreign patent lawsuits, Wang Huajun advice: "the patent infringement lawsuit from multinational corporations, choose the suit is the best policy, to learn in different countries around the clever apply patent system and legal proceedings."He further explains that in America, for example, using the civil action evidence exchange program, the domestic enterprise may require the plaintiff to provide all the technical information related to patent involved, including the technical secret.

In addition, strengthening the cooperation between enterprises and research institutions is an effective way to promote the rapid development of led industry in China.Mao Jinsheng said, some research institutions have a certain research and development capabilities, and some enterprises has strong ability of processing and manufacturing, between enterprises, between enterprises and research institutions must strengthen the consciousness of cooperation, promote the scientific research institutions to enterprise's innovation achievements, efforts to foster a batch of with independent intellectual property rights of innovative, "" leading enterprises.

The reporter understands in the interview process, although there are some problems in the development of led industry in China, but it is undeniable that the trend of the situation has gradually improved, moreover, our country in the substrate, extension, encapsulation, and part of the field of chip, has the advantage of nots allow to ignore, some patent technology, the world's leading research institutes have already had the ability to compete with multinational companies and strength.

Under the state council development research center, international technology, director of the center for economic research institute, industrial safety TengFei told reporters that LED the concept of enterprise in our country in transition gradually, more and more small and medium-sized enterprise strategic deployment, began at the early stages of the intellectual property rights has gradually accumulate, learning to use science and technology to arm themselves, using the patent development LED rechargeable light shoes market both at home and abroad, puts the "trap" became a good market prospects, "have a good plots and breakthrough direction, enterprise should sum up experience lesson more so you can fly higher and further."

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