The working principle and maintenance of led rechargeable shoe lamp.

- May 08, 2018-

Led rechargeable shoe lamp is a novel and unique led product based on market demand and prospect.Easy operation, compact and beautiful, long life, rich colors, changing effect is varied, conforms to the young people in the pursuit of fashion, also highlights the personality of the young people, also let everybody's mood to get a fly over a long period of time.It is mainly used in the exterior decoration of the shoe, easy to install and easy to use.

What is the principle of the charging shoe lamp:

Is a vibration or produced by people walking on the power, make the drive circuit board output state changes, light emitting device of the flash drive shoes, meet people wear on their feet when walking shoes automatic flash.

Working mode of charging shoe lamp:

Rechargeable lithium battery as a power support to the default of 24 led lamp bead, with appropriate distance on the inside of the transparent rubber sole, after open the key switch, trigger the flashing light, led lamp bead around the sole magnificent colors.

Led colorful shoes light, mainly adopts 5050 RGB lamp bead, each lamp belt length 60 cm, lamp bead 18, in the process of production can also according to customer's requirement to customize the length and the corresponding lamp bead number, this shoe is light adopts PFC plate, with a light on the back of the mild steel rule, tensile, heat shrinkable sleeves with the outside, waterproof performance is good, the whole shoe lights, strong resistance to fold more than 40000 times, so in the choose and buy when you can be at ease completely, this is a let everyone trust products.

Led rechargeable shoe lights make your dynamic shoes look cool.Let the passionate, energetic young people have more personality.

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