How Do I Bluetooth Control LED Light Emitting Shoe Lamp

- Dec 21, 2016-

A pair of shoes is how to achieve beautiful color? 

Let me give you a briefComes with a LED light bar around, but this is not over yet, and it has built-in Bluetooth Control Panel, customers can phone APP way to customize the color of the light and blinking, how cool, how cool. General phone APP control lamp comes in two types, are ordinary colorful shoes lamp, this lamp is 3528RGB led in parallel, can prevent broken, preventing damage. General General shoes lamp article of length is 600-700mm, lamp article width 5-7mm, user can according to himself shoes of code number size to custom corresponding length of lamp article, this paragraph lamp article is has 11 species Flash mode, anytime, anywhere change you of color, and phone APP control of when, lamp article color also can with music of law moving, to corresponding appeared different brightness of color, user also can since defined voice and time, operation very simple.

Addition a paragraph phone Bluetooth control shoes lamp of is refers to magic color shoes lamp article, used of is 5050RGB lamp beads, waterproof anti-damaged, General lamp article length is 600-700mm, a article lamp with Shang probably is has 18 star lamp beads of, each star lamp beads Zhijian is used parallel way, can is good of prevent lamp with died lamp, using life more long, and operation is very simple, total has 10 species points bright mode, let you of lamp shoes more wonderful. Such a light shoe, when you have a pair when you also have many pairs of shoes, so you never get tired of watching.

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