LED Bags Lights Breakdown Maintenance

- Sep 29, 2017-

LED flashlight is a new kind of flashlight with LED (LED). Because LED has high brightness, low power consumption, long life, small size and so on, it is an ideal choice for lighting.

Light-emitting principle

Atomic electrons have a lot of energy levels. When electrons jump from a high energy level to a low energy level, the energy of the electrons decreases, and the reduced energy is converted into photons to be emitted. A lot of these photons are the lasers.

LED luminescence is similar. But the difference is that the LED is not by the electrons within the atoms jump to glow, but by the voltage on the LED on both ends of the PN junction, the PN junction itself form a level (in fact, is a series of energy levels), and then the electrons jump on this level and photon to glow.

New LED display units are low power consumption, high brightness, long life, the advantages of small size, this article from the beginning of the LED display a brief history of the development of, surface-mount LED, automobile application is discussed and the development trend of LED lighting, LED to the Chinese engineers engaged in the development of display device has a certain reference value. The world's first commercial light-emitting diode (LED) was made from germanium material in 1965, with a unit price of $45.

In 1968, LED research and development made a breakthrough, using the nitrogen doping process to achieve the efficiency of the GaAsP device to 1 lumen/watt, and can emit red, orange and yellow light. By 1971, the industry had introduced the same efficiency GaP green nude LED. In 1972, a small number of LED displays were used for watches and calculators. The world's first LED watch was originally sold at an expensive jewelry store and sold for as much as $2,100. At the same time, HP and Texas instruments have launched a seven-paragraph red LED display calculator. By the 1970s, LED prices plummeted as LED devices were widely used in home and office equipment. In fact, leds are the dominant digital and text display technology of the era. However, in many commercial devices, LED displays are also increasingly competitive with other display technologies such as liquid crystal, plasma and vacuum fluorescent tube displays.

This competitive incentive LED manufacturers further expand their product types and actively seek applications where leds have distinct competitive advantages. The LED has since been applied to the array of lights and bar lines used in the text dot display, background pattern. The size and complexity of the digital display is growing, from 2 digits to 3 or even 4 bits, from 7 Numbers to 14 or 16 arrays that can display complex text and patterns. By 1980 manufacturers began to provide smart array LED displays. This technological advance enables leds to be applied to outdoor sports information release and to install stop lights (CHMSL) devices at the center of the car. The invention of the highlighted blue LED makes it possible to realize the real color advertising display, which can display the real color and the whole sports video image.

The emergence of the blue leds makes it possible to convert the higher energy of blue light into other colors by converting the phosphor material that pours in. All saturated colors of CIE chromaticity curves can be completely covered with LED light source, and organic integration of various color leds and phosphorus can be generated almost without limitation

What color. In terms of reliability, the half-life of the LED (i.e. the amount of light output reduced to half the initial value) is about 10,000 to 100,000 hours. Instead, small type indicating the half-life of incandescent lamp (half the half-life of here refers to the number of lamp failure time) typical values is 100000 to thousands of hours, depending on the light of the rated current.


The LED flashlight has just entered China and USES a number of world-leading technologies. Such as simplifying the charging way of fission style design, SOS emergency call and a tactical switch, can waterproof and dustproof, resistance to impact scratch-resistant flowers and other functions, the safety performance and product function is very powerful.

Professional personage points out, in the hope that more high performance LED flashlight lighting, adding to the average consumer life from another perspective, with low carbon green policies of the government and the advance of consumers to the promotion of the concept of environmental protection and energy saving, low carbon, high performance of LED flashlight, sales of products will have a greater development,

According to the introduction, the LED flashlight is on the premise of energy saving, in order to carry out the effect of the highlighted lighting, the use of nanometer colloidal lead acid battery. This type of battery using nanotechnology hot treatment and powder surface modification, and after a sol gel method to monitor the interference factor that the sol gel process, to increase the gel electrolyte amount to complete the purpose of increasing the capacity of the battery, avoid the battery leakage liquid and electrolytic liquid level phenomenon, reduce the corrosion speed.

Breakdown maintenance

1 LED dead light is not bright, replacing the LED will be ok, but note that the negative polarity cannot be reversed.

Lead-acid batteries are damaged, which can not be charged and discharged, which can be used by plugging in.

3. High voltage and pressure drop capacitance is damaged, or the rectifier diode overpressure damages, resulting in not being able to charge, and the problem can be detected and solved with ordinary pointer type meters.

No contact with the touch or damage of the pull switch.

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