LED Bags Lights Environmental Protection And Energy Conservation

- Jun 15, 2017-

LED light flashlight are generally rechargeable, LED Bags Lights light source for the LED light-emitting diodes, the circuit generally by the current limiting capacitor, LED Bags Lights rectifier diodes, charging indicator light charging circuit, current limiting capacitor used to limit the charging current, usually 1 micro-law, 400V , The charging current is generally about 100mA. Battery is generally 4V, 1AH lead-acid batteries, lamp beads by the LED light-emitting diodes, switches and current limiting resistor components. LED for the light source, the general working voltage of 3V, 30mA, current limiting resistor each LED one, and LED in series, used to limit the LED current, so that the maximum LED current of 30mA, the switch is generally third gear, LED Bags Lights the first file Stop, the second gear light on the general light, the third gear for the whole light.

Solar LED flashlight during the day only need to sun under the sun drying at night can be used for several hours, do not need to replace the battery, and will not cause pollution; is the real green energy-saving products.

1. Look at the battery, there are two kinds of ordinary batteries and lithium, although the lithium battery is rechargeable, but low life, about 2 years, LED life of about 10 years, according to the actual situation to choose. High temperature, anti-aging, charge and discharge times more power battery for the best.

2. Look at the bulb, light bulb out of the case, the naked eye is difficult to distinguish it from good or bad, you can see the light in the case of light consistency. LED Bags Lights To a patch LED for the best! Condenser, drop, never fried bulb, far range, up to 100 meters;

3. look at the aperture, good LED flashlight aperture for a uniform circle, poor LED flashlight spot is divided into yellow and blue uneven distribution.

4. Look at the brightness, good LED flashlight high brightness, slow decay. Can be measured with lumen meter.

5. To see waterproof, good LED flashlight with waterproof function, good seismic performance, that is resistant to fall.

6. look at the appearance of this more than I will see, I do not say. I chose the aluminum alloy shell, nice.

7. Select the brand, the brand is another definition of quality standards, no good quality can not become a well-known brand, so in the choice of flashlight, LED Bags Lights you need to understand the brand flashlight. According to the degree of hand, you can choose different brands flashlight. Shanghai Tang Hui Electronics Co., Ltd. produced Huafu Yang brand solar LED flashlight, you can use 5 years! Popular in Japan, access to US military standard certification! Shoukong industry worthy of the king, of course, the price is also King level;

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