LED Bags Lights Of Chemical Elements

- Oct 17, 2017-

LED strong light flashlight better than ordinary flashlight where? Strong light flashlight is outdoor sports enthusiasts must be outdoor equipment, especially for the love of night riding adventure friends, LED Bags Lights a reliable stable, high-quality light flashlight can make the night is more safe, LED Bags Lights the field of vision appears more extensive. Sometimes it can even play a vital role in danger.

LED itself is an efficient and energy-saving characteristics, many families are gradually using LED bulbs instead of the traditional light bulbs, reflected in the flashlight for the life of the flashlight and heat relative to the traditional flashlight has a considerable advantage, significantly improve the life of the flashlight.

LED light flashlight does not contain harmful chemical elements such as mercury and xenon, LED Bags Lights do not produce ultraviolet rays, no radiation, the current is very small enough to provide a powerful light source, high thermal safety factor, and led service life is very long, LED Bags Lights save the subsequent frequent replacement of light bulbs and other maintenance costs.

LED strong-light flashlight is generally used high quality light-emitting diode (on the market dozens of of poor quality LED flashlight is not discussed in this area), the same number of Watts, led brightness far stronger than the ordinary light flashlight, and the use of time than the traditional strong light flashlight.

At present, a fatal weakness of the LED is high cost, LED Bags Lights especially for high-quality flashlight, such as tank007 led use of American original Chip Cree led, than the market general LED light Flashlight Energy saving 70%, so although the cost of LED, if from long-term investment, from the follow-up maintenance costs

Now the most popular is led, Chinese full name is "Light-emitting diode", small power LED is generally used in 1AA or 3AA, this I do not say, the power is too small, LED Bags Lights home can also, but the outdoors is much worse, mainly said that the use of the more than 3W outdoor power bar, The main representative is also currently the most popular is the United States Cree led, long life, according to the manufacturer's data up to 100,000 hours.

Barrel. High-grade flashlight is mostly aluminum alloy shell, the material is bad, the main difference in the surface treatment, most of the flashlight as long as there is no special use is ordinary oxidation treatment, LED Bags Lights black, gray mainly. Some flashlights are required to be able to resist the surface discoloration, LED Bags Lights then the use of three-stage oxidation treatment, after treatment of the surface hard, with a knife scraping will not appear, but the price is high.

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