LED Bags Lights Reduce The Corrosion Rate

- Nov 02, 2017-

LED light principle is similar. But the difference is that the LED does not emit light through the electronic transitions inside the atom, but by adding a voltage across the PN junction of the LED so that the PN junction itself forms an energy level (in fact, a series of Level), and then electrons jump on this level and produce photons to glow

It is understood that, LED flashlight has just entered China, using a number of world-leading technology. Such as simplified the way the charge of the split style design, SOS emergency call and tactical switch, but also waterproof and dustproof, resistant to impact scratches and other functions, in the safety performance and product features are very powerful.

Professionals pointed out that the hope that more high-performance LED flashlight added to the general consumer life which, from another point of view, along with the government's low-carbon green policy and consumer awareness of the concept of environmental protection, low Carbon, high-performance LED flashlight product sales will have a greater development,

According to reports, LED flashlight in the premise of energy-saving, in order to highlight the effect of lighting, using a nano-colloidal lead-acid batteries. This type of battery using nano-technology to deal with the heat and surface modification of the powder, and the sol-gel method to monitor the sol-gel production process of interference factors to increase the total amount of colloidal electrolyte to complete the purpose of increasing the capacity of the battery, To avoid the battery leakage of liquid and electrolytic liquid separation layer phenomenon, reduce the corrosion rate.

LED flashlight and ordinary light bulb difference

LED is a new type of flashlight, since the advent of white LED, it has been introduced, but the initial time due to low brightness white LED, high cost, it can be said that such products have been in the "laboratory stage", the price of ordinary people no People dare to ask, some military products have a small amount of promotion. With the increase in the brightness of white LED, cost reduction, and gradually take the ranks of the public. The increase in brightness is mainly due to the emergence of ITO, the brightness is almost doubled, and the price, due to the improvement of production technology, from the initial 4 dollars down to the current 4 cents a cheap 1 cents below Many. Now the popular flashlight on the market with 9 or 12 diameter 5mm LED, the connection is parallel, 3 7 batteries. Or a 1W or 3W or 5W high power LED.

Semiconductor lighting is known as the fourth generation of lighting, can be said to be a replacement product, cost much higher than ordinary light bulbs, but long life Energy-saving, ordinary light bulbs do not know how much, with LED flashlight about 1W-5W range, talk about energy-saving advantages, then put aside the flashlight, LED current market-oriented products in terms of energy consumption between incandescent and fluorescent lamps. But absolutely environmentally friendly, non-polluting. Long life, is the recognized advantages of LED, but the market can be said that the flashlight with LED can be mixed.

LED flashlight another fatal shortcomings (ordinary people are not easy to find the shortcomings), low color rendering index! In the LED display under the color of the incandescent lamp is not true, which from the spectral distribution of the analysis, are technical problems, without repeat. There is also a drawback, the spot, due to the white LED manufacturing process defects coupled with the reflective cup or lens with the error, likely to cause "yellow circle" problem.

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