LED Bags Lights The Profits Are Still Pretty High.

- Jun 02, 2017-

LED flashlight referred to as semiconductor light-emitting diode, the current market appears white led mainly for the blue chip excitation yellow phosphor produced white light, LED Bags Lights the wavelength is mainly 460nm near, belongs to blue, ultraviolet components are few. LED is called the fourth generation of lighting light source, belongs to the green lighting, the new house over the array I am going to switch to LED lighting, although the current luminous efficiency than fluorescent light point, but the same as the incandescent lamp without strobe.

As for some say that the flashlight put box 3 years have no bad, is again normal matter, usually we mention the life of the LED, generally have 50,000 hours, besides you are put in the box. Sometimes we also see on the road some led to do the traffic lights appear dead lights phenomenon, this time most of the peripheral electronic components are broken, rather than the problem of the LED itself.

Another advantage of the LED is quick reaction, especially used in the automotive rear combination lamp, can significantly reduce the incidence of car accidents, do not underestimate these milliseconds, sometimes can help.

Also mentioned that "White led on the flashlight is relatively blue, see a long time not very comfortable", I want to say is that the Chinese like the blue, foreigners like yellow. LED Bags Lights In fact, this color temperature can be adjusted, the current technology, 2500K to 10000K can be achieved, 2500K on the red, 10000K on the blue, a lot of the flashlight in the market is a number of small factory processing, a few cents, and made a flashlight after the sale is very expensive, the profit is very high. Warm-tone fluorescent lamps, LED Bags Lights which we usually see in the yellow fluorescent lamp, carefully look at its box will see a 2700, which is its color temperature, and white will write 6500, this is the color temperature of white fluorescent lamp, relatively speaking, white brightness is one points higher. White color coordinates of 0.33 0.33, many led into the finished product color coordinates for 0.29 0.29 can not blue?

Said so much a word, LED flashlight although use, than the incandescent lamp flashlight save more, no damage to the eyes, of course, you do not right eyes, LED Bags Lights strong light on the eyes or have a certain burn.

Add: See someone say: "Led production of light intensity is higher than the strength of the human eye can withstand the ability to burn eyes to make it blind." It can be used as a laser light source. "Always should add:" The laser is LD, light-emitting diode for LED, it seems he is mistaken.

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