LED Bags Lights With Protection Circuit

- Oct 10, 2017-

Battery flashlight commonly used batteries are 1AA (1 knots 5th), 2AA (2 5th battery), 3AA (3 section 5th battery), and the 5th battery is also the alkaline battery, LED Bags Lights which is usually said to be a rechargeable dry cell (4.5V) and rechargeable NiMH batteries (1.2V)

and lithium batteries. Voltage 2.45-4.20V, Model 14500, 16340, 18650 and so on, many friends look at these numbers some halo, say how to distinguish ah, in fact very simple, LED Bags Lights the number of models are a reason, such as 14500 battery diameter is 14 mm, length is 50 mm 16340 battery diameter is 16 mm, length is 34 mm, and so on, 18650 battery is diameter 18 mm, length 65 mm. The lithium battery is also divided into a protective circuit (which prevents excessive charging of the circuit) and is not carried, LED Bags Lights we should all know that lithium batteries can not be overcharge, if the battery is filled with electricity is still in the charger does not take out for a long time to continue to charge will occur leaking or explosion, oh afraid;

If put, the battery is used to a little electricity to recharge, this will lead to battery scrap, now add the protection circuit will not have such a problem, but the disadvantage is that the volume is larger, than the protection of the circuit (that is, the battery size mentioned above) to a little larger, LED Bags Lights the diameter increased by 1 millimeters, the length of the increase of about 2 mm. Some of the flashlight to put batteries when some difficulty, need to slowly fumble to plug in, but most of the flashlight can be easily put in.

There is the battery in series parallel to the problem, here to talk about, in fact, we have learned physics in junior high School: series current unchanged, LED Bags Lights the voltage is twice times before, the shunt voltage is unchanged, the current is twice times before. If your battery is protected with a circuit (with overcharge over the function) do not have to look at the following, LED Bags Lights the following is mainly for no protection circuit lithium battery explanation: New batteries are not too much electricity;

To use the battery for the first time, do not need to charge too long, only according to the charging instructions of the charger can be processed. When charging, LED Bags Lights according to the charging speed of the charger, when the color of the light changes when the battery is immediately removed, do not overcharge, the recommended charging time should not exceed 3-5 hours;

Select the charger, to use the charger with overcharge; In use, according to the LED flashlight to the voltage requirements of the use of batteries, do not use, LED Bags Lights in order to prevent the burning of flashlight; In use, when the brightness of the flashlight will be changed when the flashlight, to prevent the release, LED Bags Lights (not with the mobile phone battery, the mobile phone automatic shutdown, So the battery will be over and not used again.

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