LED Sensor Light Works

- Dec 21, 2016-

In the context of effective induction and such objects (such as cars), or a voice (shouting, clapping, impact, etc), the light automatically lights; effective mobile/sound over approximately 1-2 minutes before turning off. Combined with light control circuits can be made into night (light only environment under dark conditions) or day and night (day and night automatically lit);

From the sensor working principle in terms of, there are three Sonic, infrared andmicrowave radar;

Speaking from the product structure has separated and integrated (sensors and light sources);

From product shape or in terms of installation, screw type bulb, lamp, ceiling lamp, lamp, ceiling, etc.

Application of Induction lamp LED light source products and the advantages (switch, long life, high efficiency, small volume, easy to control), avoided the disadvantages (not caused by the high temperature light failure, and color tend to be lower isnot an issue). Energy-saving benefits of early high input can quickly recover, long life saves a lot of labor costs, which automatically switch has brought great convenience to people's lives, it is worth promoting.

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