LED Shoes Light Factor Of Price

- Oct 16, 2017-

With the wisdom of the city gradually LED lamps and lanterns also gradually pulled markets, now in the market of LED lights manufacturer is uneven, the LED street light price is also have high low, so how can we watch these products? What are the factors that determine the price of LED shoes?

First of all, for LED street lamps, the cost will be the main factor affecting the price. The cost is the composition of the components that make up the LED street lamps. Generally speaking, there are several parts including LED light source, electrical component, signal lamp controller, signal lamp bar and auxiliary material. The cost of each component determines the price of the finished LED street lamps.

With the development of science and technology, the price of the controller of pure electronic components will be reduced, thus lowering the price of LED street lamps. Of course, other components will be accompanied by a breakthrough in new technologies that will reduce prices. In addition, different manufacturer of LED lights trial product material is also different, looks the same on the surface, because of the different quality resulting in the cost of raw materials price differences are common, so suggest purchasing department purchasing must careful screening, to prevent some of the lamps in the informal manufacturers shoddy, like others.

If the technology of LED street lamp manufacturers is enough to mature, the high pressure sodium lamp will fade out of the market. According to the theory, clean energy promotion on roads should be faster than indoor lighting, but the road lighting promotion in the market have a certain inertia, the problem of standardization and above, the popularity of its effect is not as scheduled, the high power LED lamps and lanterns, with the integration of the integrated structure, lamps and lanterns at the end of the fault maintenance or longevity only the overall return for repair or replacement, standardization problem failed to slow the development of industry. For functional lighting, flexibility will result in a product's interchangeability, which needs to be constrained in the form of a specification or standard. But special field does not need to be standardized, can give full play to the flexibility of the LED and plasticity, for small and medium-sized LED street lamp manufacturers develop toward this aspect is also a good chance, good market planning, adjust good LED lights price very considerable prospect in the future.

Actually now rising economic level, the LED street light price nature is consumers pay close attention to a point, but with the deepening of the slogan to the sustainable development of the heart, more and more customers for the price is no longer the only consider ways, the future will have broad market of LED lights.

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