LED Shoes Light Light Picks

- Sep 04, 2017-

LED lights common a kind of lamps, widely used in a variety of places and range, whether it is the city's flashing lights at night, or some small products, toys, light-emitting devices, electronic equipment and shoes on the light source, are LED lights products The Not only used in lighting the light source, some decorative lights on. Now the LED shoe light from the original simple process for the development of intelligent variety of light-emitting style variable products.

LED lights Although the surface looks relatively simple structure, but to do durable long life cycle, it is not easy, because the market squeeze, poor quality LED products are often appear. LED lights embedded in the field of footwear industry for many years, in order to meet the needs of consumers, LED shoe light products are constantly upgrading, the idea not only get children love, also into the adult heart.

LED shoe lights to be installed in the shoes, the shoes must be very small space, so all the composition of the shoe lights need to be small enough, can be described as sparrows are small and perfectly. LED shoes are commonly installed in the soles, the use of button batteries will be through the vibration of the trigger switch and light, and now luminous mode and diverse, there are direct light, as well as Happy mode and beating mode; color can have monochrome and colorful mode. Now some LED shoe lights products are voice and light control switch. Both the spring and the ball switch are collectively referred to as vibration switches.

LED lights with light pick

LED shoe lights are located in the shoes of the product, so the anti-weight pressure, waterproof, seismic force needs to be good, so many manufacturers from the continuous upgrading of materials to do the work, light line material needs good toughness, easy to shape. LED small light products not only for shoes, the same is used for a variety of toys, decorative Decoration, children's watches, the market is huge, enduring, the market a variety of intelligent LED shoe lights products after another.

LED shoes light is embedded in the shoes of small decorative lights, this shoe can have the effect of light when walking, not only children love, but also more and more popular by the popular people favor. LED shoes, although the price is low prices, but then the wholesale price, pick LED shoes is not difficult, and now there are intelligent LED shoe light products gradually opened the price. In the original appearance, structure, light form on the basis of an increase of intelligent functions. Not only that, the principle of shoe lights can also be used in many decorations.

Anti-static ability of LED shoes in the repeated use of the cycle will be extended accordingly, the quality of high-quality LED shoe lamp wavelength to be consistent, impure color appears to be inferior products. Leakage current in the LED that is reverse current, leakage current must be small, otherwise the same impact of repeated use of the cycle.

Chip is very important, the domestic regular manufacturers qualified LED shoe lights also can meet most of the LED shoe effect requirements. Imports such as Japan and the United States chip is more expensive, LED shoe light chip as LED lights as important as the product is the core components.

LED lighting will need to have anti-ultraviolet and fire function, so the lamp body will use a special material. While the LED shoe lights do not need, but now there are waterproof material shoes lights. Good material shoes in the use of not only safe, and less trouble. Although the price is too low, but also pay attention, do not purchase Although the price is low, but the material is not qualified and rough process shoes products, in large quantities when the supply of LED shoes lights Can not seek cheap.

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