LED Shoes Light Of The Electronic Switch

- Jun 15, 2017-

The luminous shoe comprises a sole, LED Shoes Light and the outer side of the sole is provided with an annular groove. Inside the soles have a LED lights with, battery, USB interface charger, charging available 8-10 hours. Lights the light to make the circuit start the work of the electronic switch.

     Lights the light to make the circuit start the work of the electronic switch. There are some people call it sliding switch or rock switch, etc., in fact, LED Shoes Light these names are not entirely correct. The industry's name is generally divided into two categories, spring switch and ball switch. Including ball switch. Because of the long time it was recognized by a common mistake. Strictly speaking, this name for ball switch and the other is wrong, such as a slide switch, shaking switch, and so the name should refer to the ball switch. For the convenience of the industry will generally be unified spring switch and ball switch two categories known as the vibration switch ball switch is mainly used in electronic toys, small appliances, sports equipment and various types of anti-theft products.

Footwear comprising a light emitting sleeve, LED Shoes Light a second conductive block, a ball is placed in the sleeve and a plug cover, wherein: the sleeve is made of insulating material having opposite end surfaces at an upper end surface, And a recess extending from the upper end face to the lower end face. Here I give you to see how the shoe is installed.

    The principle of light-emitting shoes in the life of LED applications is really ubiquitous. From decorative items to advertising billboards, from children's toys to car lighting, from hand-held lighting to electronic devices all flash LED widely used. However, today we want to talk about LED application in the footwear, because shoes are necessary for each person daily necessities, not only variety, LED Shoes Light and the annual consumption is great. Such a huge consumer market is naturally the footwear manufacturers q the battleground, the most important thing is that LED applications in the footwear has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people, and the difficulty of manufacturing technology is not high, the cost of light is also very low, can attract everyone The eyeball. The basic principle No matter what kind of shoes to install LED light source must have power support, generally to the main button battery. With a single or multiple LED at an appropriate distance on the inside of the transparent soles or the upper side of the shoe, each step off when the vibration switch to trigger the LED around the soles flashing light, you can use monochrome LED or color LED mixed display magnificent color The For the shoe factory, as long as the design of a shoe-like installation on it.

The light-emitting shoe lamp comprises a sleeve, a two-conductive block, a ball and a plug placed in the sleeve, characterized in that the sleeve is made of an insulating material and has an opposite upper end face and a lower end face, And a recess extending from the upper end face to the lower end face, the recess having an upwardly open end and a closed end near the lower end face and having a wide diameter portion adjacent to the open end, the open end of the narrow diameter portion having a diameter smaller than the diameter of the wide portion, and a diameter portion connecting the wide, narrow-diameter portion of the shoulder, LED Shoes Light the sleeve further having a plurality of spaced and opposed to the end surface extending from the lower closed end of the through hole; the ball, made of a conductive material, disposed rollably form concave hole of the sleeve; the conductive block is made of a conductive material and disposed apart from each other in the through-hole and the concave hole of the sleeve, And the opposite ends of the opposite ends of the conductive block each have a terminal extending toward the bottom of the lower end face of the sleeve and a semicircular support seat extending inwardly from the top end of the terminal, LED Shoes Light To the center of the recessed hole, and the circle of the conductive block Together form a top surface of the recess portion; the lids made of an insulating material and fixedly mounted on the end face of the sleeve, and closing the open end of the recessed hole

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