LED Shoes Light Power Support

- Nov 02, 2017-

For LED lights, people have become accustomed to, as a simple process, low cost of lighting, its wide range of applications. Every night the city constantly flashing color fluorescence, children's toys on the small pieces of light, electronic equipment on the lights, have LED figure. Good at all kinds of ideas into the field of footwear products, which will naturally apply to the LED, and with the creative heart, has produced a huge consumer market.

Footwear products on a wide range of LED lighting, but no matter what LED shoes lights, need to be supplemented by power support, and because of the small space inside the shoes, the general selection of button batteries. Shoes on the LED lighting is generally installed in the soles inside or outside the upper, relying on the human body when walking to trigger the vibration switch, so that LED lights flashing light. The lighting can use monochrome LED or color LED, and as long as the beginning of a good shoe design, the production process, LED shoe lights can be installed directly up.

LED shoes are small, but fully equipped. LED lights, batteries, switches, and some have. For LED shoe lights, the technical content is mainly concentrated in the start switch, the control of the entire circuit operation of the electronic switch due to the different ways to start, is divided into two, the industry generally referred to as spring switch and ball switch. The fact that the ball switch is not a rigorous call, because the name of the long time, was recognized as the type of call, while the industry also sliding switch, shaking switch included in the ball switch. In order to facilitate the call, the industry will be a unified spring switch and ball switch known as the vibration switch.

Ball switch is mainly used in electronic toys, sports equipment, all kinds of anti-theft devices and other fields, and spring switch because of its flexible and sensitive trigger, become a lot of electronic products. These two types of switches have two important indicators of the characteristics: sensitivity and direction, these two characteristics directly determine the applicable areas of the two.

The sensitivity of the spring switch refers to the switch installed in the product, due to the difference in the magnitude of the induced shock force to the reaction of the indicators. Users of different products because of the demand, and choose a different induction shock force size of the spring switch to meet the sensitivity requirements of their products. Such as a toy in the hands of a slight shake and a ball thrown to the ground or the wall, the required sensitivity is different, which requires a matching spring switch to adapt. And the direction of force refers to the direction of force, the industry will be the direction of the product force roughly divided into three-dimensional six-sided, that is, from top to bottom around. But some products only the demand for sensitivity and no direction of the demand, so we must first understand the use of a good product, we decide which spring switch selection.

The ball switch, as the name suggests, is to rely on the internal ball to trigger the switch operation. The biggest difference between the ball switch and the spring switch is its scope of application: the spring switch depends on the size of the induced vibration or centrifugal force, so it is best to use upright; and the ball switch is the induction angle change, so the best tiled use. Ball switch sensitivity, is the size of the sensor can change the size of the switch to trigger the operation of the indicators. Similarly, the ball switch should also be based on the needs of different products, to choose a different angle of the size of the ball switch to meet the sensitivity of the product. If you pick up a cup slightly tilted by a certain angle, the switch will be able to achieve the trigger conditions, which requires the corresponding sensitivity of the ball switch to match.

For LED shoe lights, the two switches have a certain demand for the market. General LED shoe lights supporting the ball switch, the required direction is the direction of the tilt angle, roughly divided into left and right sides. While the LED shoe spring switch is more sensitive to its needs. General LED shoe manufacturers will be based on the needs of shoe manufacturers to choose different types of switches to match.

Batteries, due to the energy consumption of LED lights is very small, often one or two button battery is enough to supply, basically shoes on the LED shoe light and will not prepare the battery replacement.

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