LED Shoes Light Unique

- Aug 23, 2017-

Led rechargeable shoe light is a market demand and prospects based on the introduction of the new, unique products led. Easy to operate, small and beautiful, long life, rich colors, changing the effect of change, in line with the pursuit of young people on the fashion trend, but also highlights the young personality, but also let everyone feel a qualitative fly over. Mainly used in the appearance of modified shoes, easy to install, easy to use.

What is the principle of charging shoe lights:

Is driven by the people when the vibration or step on the power, so that the drive circuit board output state changes, driving the upper light-emitting device flash, to walk when people wear shoes in the foot of the purpose of automatic flash.

Rechargeable shoe lights work:

To recharge the lithium battery as a power support to the default 24 led lamp beads, with the appropriate distance placed in the transparent rubber soles inside, open the button switch, the trigger led beads around the soles flashing light, showing magnificent colors.

Led lights, mainly with 5050RGB lamp beads, each lamp with a length of 60CM, lamp beads 18, in the production process can also be customized according to customer requirements and the corresponding length of the lamp beads, this a shoe Using the PFC plate, the lamp with a soft strip on the back of the provisions of the anti-pull off, outside the casing with heat-shrinkable, waterproof performance, the entire shoe light folding resistance, more than 40,000 times, so in the purchase of When we can rest assured that this is a let everyone rest assured that the product.

Led rechargeable shoes to make your dynamic shoes glowing cool colors. So that passion, vitality of young people more personality.

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