Light Emitting Shoe Light Principle

- Dec 21, 2016-

LED applications are everywhere in our lives. From decorative items to billboards,from children's toys to automotive lighting, from handheld LED flashing lighting and electronic equipment are widely used. However, we want to talk about today is the application of LED in the footwear, because supplies of shoes is essential for everyone, not only a wide range, and annual consumption is enormous. Such a hugeconsumer market natural footwear manufacturers q's battleground, LED to footwear is the most important ideas had taken root, and manufacturing technical difficulty is not high, and light costs are also low, you can attract the audience and people's attention.

Rationale: no matter what the shoe installation of LED light sources must have thepower to support, generally dominated by button batteries. With single or more LED to an appropriate distance on the transparent sole medial or lateral upper, each step down vibration switch trigger surrounded soles flashing LED light, you canuse monochromatic LED color LED or inclusions showing magnificent color. For the shoe factory, and as long as the design can be a good shoe to install.

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