Sensor Bags Light Good Reliability

- Oct 25, 2017-

Because of the fast reaction speed, the photoelectric sensor can realize non-contact measurement, and high precision, high resolution, good reliability, coupled with the photoelectric sensor has small size, light weight, low power consumption, easy to integrate and so on, is currently the largest production, Sensor Bags Light the most widely used sensors, widely used in military, aerospace, communications, intelligent home, intelligent transportation, Security, LED lighting, toys, testing and industrial automation control and many other fields.

Preventing industrial soot pollution is one of the important tasks of environmental protection. In order to eliminate the pollution of industrial soot, first of all to know the amount of soot emissions, Sensor Bags Light it is necessary to monitor the source of smoke, automatic display and excessive alarm. The smoke turbidity in flue is detected by the change of light in the flue-gas transmission process. Sensor Bags Light If the smoke channel turbidity increases, the light emitted by the smoke particles absorption and refraction increased to reach the light detector light, so the intensity of the light detector output signal can reflect the changes in the flue turbidity.

Smoke detectors are also used as the core components of photoelectric sensors, can be used to measure the concentration of smoke, it is composed of infrared light-emitting diode and photoelectric transistor, but they are not on the same plane (with a certain angle). In a smoke-free state, Sensor Bags Light the photoelectric transistor receives no infrared; When the smoke into the induction chamber, Sensor Bags Light the smoke particles will be part of the beam scattering to the photoelectric transistor, when the concentration of smoke gradually increased, there will be more light beam is scattered to the sensor, when reaching a certain degree of light beam, the buzzer will send the alarm signal.

When the scanning pen on the bar code move, if the black line, the light emitting diode will be absorbed by the dark, photosensitive transistor received no reflection light, high impedance, in the cut-off state. When the white interval is encountered, Sensor Bags Light the light emitted by the light-emitting diode is reflected into the base of the photosensitive transistor, and the photosensitive transistor produces a light current. After the whole barcode has been scanned, the photosensitive transistor will distort the bar code to an electrical pulse signal, the signal is amplified, shaped after the formation of pulse column, and then through the computer processing, Sensor Bags Light to complete the identification of barcode information.

With the development of microelectronic technology, sensor technology, Sensor Bags Light computer technology and modern communication technology, Sensor Bags Light photoelectric sensor can be used to develop automatic meter reading system. The aluminum plate of the watt-hour meter is rotated by the torque drive produced by the Eddy current and the magnetic field. A photoelectric sensor is used to convert the rotating number of an aluminum plate into a pulse number.

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