Sensor Bags Light Highly Intelligent

- Jul 24, 2017-

Wind light LED street lamp is a highly intelligent and unattended road lighting, Sensor Bags Light the use of wind, solar power, with battery energy storage, Sensor Bags Light so the automatic management of energy is very important. Photoelectric sensor is ideal for the sun, dark (sunrise, sunset) when the illumination changes can control the circuit automatically switch the electronic sensor.

Light sensor, according to the weather, time and area of automatic control of shopping malls LED lighting lights open and close. In the bright day by reducing its output power to reduce power consumption, compared with the use of fluorescent lamps, shop area of 200m2 convenience store can reduce the maximum power consumption of 53%. Sensor Bags Light Life is also up to about 5 - 10 million hours. Under normal circumstances, LED lighting life of 40,000 hours or so; luminous color can also be used RGB colorful way to change, so that shopping malls more colorful, more active atmosphere; and supporting the use of phosphor phosphor blue Than the use of red, green, blue three-color phosphor purple color rendering higher.

Infrared sensor is to detect the human body to launch the infrared and work. The main principle is: the human body emitting about 10um infrared through the Fresnel filter lens enhanced to the pyroelectric element PIR, when the human activities of the infrared radiation launch position will change, Sensor Bags Light the component will lose the charge balance (PIR) converts the infrared radiation energy through the Fresnel filter lens into an electrical signal, Sensor Bags Light ie, thermoelectric conversion. In the passive infrared detector detection area without human movement, the infrared sensor sensor is only the background temperature, when the human body into the detection area, through the Fresnel lens, pyroelectric infrared sensor sensor is the human body temperature and Background temperature difference, Sensor Bags Light the signal is collected and the system has been found in the detection data to determine whether it is really someone and other infrared sources into the detection area.

Passive infrared sensors have three key components: Fresnel filter lens, pyroelectric infrared sensor (PIR) and matching low noise amplifier. Fresnel lens has two roles: First, Sensor Bags Light the role of focusing, that is, the pyroelectric infrared signal refraction on the PIR: Second, the detection area is divided into a number of Ming and dark areas, so that the detection area into the moving object (person) Can be in the form of temperature changes in the PIR to produce changes in the pyroelectric infrared signal. Generally, the low-noise amplifier is matched. When the ambient temperature on the detector rises, especially close to the body's normal body temperature (37 ° C), Sensor Bags Light the sensitivity of the sensor decreases and the gain is compensated to increase its sensitivity. The output signal can be used to drive the electronic switch, to achieve LED lighting circuit switching control. Figure 5 is the infrared sensor appearance, infrared sensor internal structure and internal circuit diagram. Sensor Bags Light Infrared sensor with LED lighting, which is an E27 standard screw cap lamp, its power supply is AC180V-250V (50 / 60Hz), infrared sensor detection range of about 3M-15M, its standard product IFS -Bulb 3W lamps up to 80 lm, 5W lamps up to 140 lm. Infrared sensor is embedded in the center of the LED light source module. Once the infrared sensor detects the human body temperature, Sensor Bags Light the LED light bulb will automatically turn on and off within 50 seconds.

Infrared sensors with similar applications in recent years in the automatic detection of moving objects to get more applications. Ultrasonic sensor mainly uses the Doppler principle, through the crystal outward launch more than the human perception of high-frequency ultrasound, the general selection of 25 ~ 40kHz wave, and then control the module to detect the frequency of the reflected wave, Sensor Bags Light if the region has object movement, reflection Wave frequency will have a slight fluctuations, that is, Sensor Bags Light the Doppler effect, Sensor Bags Light in order to determine the object area of the lighting movement, Sensor Bags Light so as to achieve the purpose of control switch.

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