Sensor Bags Light Light Weight

- Nov 03, 2017-

Pressure sensors in a variety of sensors with small size, Sensor Bags Light light weight, high sensitivity, stable and reliable, low cost, easy integration, can be widely used in pressure, height, acceleration, liquid flow, velocity, level, pressure Measurement and control. Sensor Bags Light In addition, it is also widely used in water conservancy, geology, meteorology, chemical industry, medical and health and so on. As the technology is a combination of planar technology and three-dimensional processing, but also easy to integrate, it can be used to make sphygmomanometer, anemometer, anemometer, pressure gauge, electronic scales and automatic alarm devices. Pressure sensor has become the most mature technology in all types of sensors, the most stable performance, Sensor Bags Light cost-effective type of sensor.

This stage is mainly marked by the invention of the 1947 bipolar transistor. Since then, this feature of semiconductor materials has been more widely used. Smith and 1945 found that the piezoresistive effect of silicon and germanium, that is, when there is an external force acting on the semiconductor material, its resistance will change significantly. Based on this principle pressure sensor is made of the strain gauge resistance film attached to the metal film, Sensor Bags Light the forthcoming force signal into electrical signals for measurement. Sensor Bags Light The minimum size of this stage is about 1cm.

On the basis of the diffusion theory of silicon cup, the anisotropic etching technology of silicon is applied. The processing technology of the diffused silicon sensor is based on the anisotropic etching technology of silicon, and is developed into the silicon anisotropy processing capable of automatically controlling the thickness of the silicon film Technology, mainly V-groove method, concentrated boron automatic suspension method, anodization automatic suspension method and microcomputer control automatic suspension method. Sensor Bags Light With the ability to etch simultaneously on multiple surfaces, thousands of silicon pressure films can be produced at the same time, enabling an integrated factory-processing model with lower costs.

The nanotechnology that emerged at the end of the last century made micromachining possible. Sensor Bags Light Through the micro-machining process can be processed by the computer control structure of the pressure sensor, the line can be controlled in the micron-scale range. The use of this technology can be processed, Sensor Bags Light etched micron-level ditch, strip, film, making the pressure sensor into the micron stage.

Intelligent Due to the integration of the emergence of integrated circuits can add some microprocessors, making the sensor with automatic compensation, Sensor Bags Light communication, self-diagnosis, Sensor Bags Light logic and other functions.

Another development trend for a wide range of pressure sensors is expanding from the machinery industry to other areas such as automotive components, medical instrumentation and energy environment control systems.

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