Sensor Bags Light The Biggest Difference

- Aug 01, 2017-

There are many sensors to see what you do, Sensor Bags Light such as sensor sensors have CCD, CMOS measurement of alcohol content of the NAP-66, etc. SCM is a very practical thing, different microphones have different usage, and this is very suitable for DIY some small things, To study, Sensor Bags Light from which you can find a lot of interesting things

 LED lighting with the traditional lighting the biggest difference, LED lighting is a complete electronic products, and the traditional lighting is only an electrical product. Sensor Bags Light So LED lamps can be easily associated with various types of sensors, in order to achieve light control, infrared control and other automatic control functions. Such as LED lights automatically switch, with a light sensor can be simple to achieve; Sensor Bags Light community night walkway and courtyard lighting, infrared sensors can be used to collect information on human activities, automatic opening and closing lighting.

Sensor as a signal acquisition and electromechanical conversion devices, the electromechanical technology has been quite mature in recent years, MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) technology and the sensor technology to miniaturization, intelligent, multi-functional, low-cost big strides forward. Sensitive sensors, infrared sensors and other types of sensors can be formed with LED lighting fixtures intelligent control system, Sensor Bags Light the sensor will be collected to a variety of physical signals into electrical signals can be integrated circuit through the AD (analog) converter , MCU (micro controller), DA (digital) converter on the collected signal intelligent processing, Sensor Bags Light thus controlling the LED lighting fixture on and off.

Infrared sensor is to detect the human body to launch the infrared and work. Sensor Bags Light The main principle is that the infrared rays emitted by the human body about 10μm are enhanced by the Fresnel filter lens and then gathered to the pyroelectric element PIR (passive infrared) detector. Sensor Bags Light When the human activity is activated, the emission position of the infrared radiation will change, The element will lose charge balance, Sensor Bags Light the pyroelectric effect of the release of charge outward, infrared sensor through the Fresnel filter lens infrared radiation energy changes into electrical signals, that is, thermoelectric conversion.

Temperature sensor NTC (negative temperature coefficient) to do LED lamp over-temperature protection is relatively widely used. LED lighting, such as the use of high-power LED light source, Sensor Bags Light you must use multi-wing aluminum radiator, LED lighting for indoor lighting itself is very small space, the heat problem is still one of the biggest technical bottlenecks. LED lighting heat dissatisfaction, Sensor Bags Light then, will lead to LED light source due to overheating and early light failure. LED lights will be opened after the heat will automatically rise due to hot air to the lamp enriched, affecting the life of the power supply.

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