Sensor Bags Light The Brightness Is Very Sensitive

- Aug 08, 2017-

LED lighting and traditional lighting the biggest difference, Sensor Bags Light LED lighting is a complete electronic products, and traditional lighting is only an electrical products. Therefore, LED lamps and lanterns can be easily associated with various types of sensors, so as to achieve a wide range of control functions such as optically controlled and infra-red. such as LED street lamp automatic switch, with a photosensitive sensor can be simple to achieve; Sensor Bags Light Community night walkways and courtyard lighting, Sensor Bags Light you can use infrared sensors to collect information on human activities, automatic opening and closing lighting lamps.

As a device for signal acquisition and electromechanical conversion, the sensor has already matured its electromechanical technology, and the rise of MEMS technology in recent years has made great strides in the miniaturization, intellectualization, versatility and low cost of the sensor technology. Sensor Bags Light photosensitive sensors, infrared sensors and other types of sensors can be with the LED lighting to form an intelligent control system, sensors will be collected from a variety of physical signals into electrical signals, through the integrated circuit of AD converters, MCU, da Converter to the acquisition of intelligent processing of the signal to control the LED lighting to open and close. Van Shi Jia Lighting factory found that human can be used in the MCU set a variety of control requirements, the control of LED lights switch time, brightness, color, Sensor Bags Light colorful changes, so as to achieve energy saving goals. Current integrated circuit manufacturing technology has been able to integrate AD, Sensor Bags Light DA, MCU in a 5x5mm or smaller package, installed in the lamp is not occupied area and very convenient.

Landscape Electric LED Street lamp is a highly intelligent and unattended road lighting, the use of wind, sunlight power, battery storage, so the automatic management of energy is very important. Sensor Bags Light The photosensitive sensor is an ideal electronic sensor which can control the automatic switch of the circuit because of the change of illumination of daylight and dark (sunrise and sunset). Sensor Bags Light The resistance plate of the photosensitive sensor is sensitive to the brightness and lightness of the light.

Photosensitive sensor, according to the weather, time period and the area of automatic control store LED lighting opening and closing. Reducing power consumption by reducing its output during the bright daytime can reduce electricity consumption by a maximum of 53% per 200m2 convenience store compared to the use of fluorescent lights. Sensor Bags Light Life expectancy is also about 5.1 million hours. Under normal circumstances, LED lighting lamp life of about 40,000 hours; the color of the light can also be used RGB colorful changes in the way, so that the mall lights more color, the atmosphere more active; compared with the original blue led with the use of $ fluorescence, the color of purple led with red, green and blue fluorescent bodies is higher.

Infrared sensors work by detecting the infrared rays emitted by the human body. The main principle is: The human body launches about 10um infrared through the Fresnel filter lens enhancement to the pyroelectric element PIR, when the infrared radiation in the event of the launch position will change, the component will lose the charge balance, the occurrence of pyroelectric effect outward charge, Sensor Bags Light infrared sensor (PIR) through the Fresnel Filter lens infrared radiation energy changes into electrical signals, namely thermoelectric conversion. Sensor Bags Light The infrared sensor detects only the background temperature when there is no human movement in the detection area of the passive IR detector. When the human body into the detection zone, through the Fresnel lens, pyroelectric infrared sensors are sensitive to the human body temperature and background temperature difference, the signal was collected and the system has been compared with the detection data to determine whether there is really someone such as infrared source into the detection area.

Temperature sensor NTC To do LED lamp over-temperature protection has been widely used earlier. Hotel non-standard project lamp such as the use of high-power LED light source,Sensor Bags Light we must use a multi-wing aluminum radiator, because the indoor lighting used in the LED lamp itself space is very small, heat dissipation problems to the present is one of the biggest technical bottlenecks. LED lamp heat dissipation, will cause the LED light source due to overheating and early light failure. LED lighting after the opening of heat will also be due to automatic rising of hot air to the lamp cap enrichment, affecting the life of the power supply. Therefore, Sensor Bags Light in the design of LED lamps in the aluminum radiator near the LED light source side close to a NTC, so that real-time acquisition of the temperature of the lamp, when the lamp cup aluminum radiator temperature increase can be used to automatically reduce the constant current source output currents, to cool the lamp; when the lamp cup aluminum radiator temperature rises to limit the setting value automatically shuts off the LED power supply, realizes the lamp over the temperature protection, when the temperature reduces, Sensor Bags Light automatically again will turn on the lamp.

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