Sensor Bags Light The Operating Voltage

- Jun 02, 2017-

Sensor Bags Light An automatic control circuit for illumination is designed. Require lights in the daytime (light enough) not light, Sensor Bags Light evening (or not enough) clap or a sound of footsteps, delay 30 seconds automatically extinguished.

The 220v AC rectifier is regulated into 10v DC voltage, and the 555 timer and three-level tube are supplied with static power. 555 single steady state trigger, Sensor Bags Light control bidirectional thyristor, when 555 timer output high level, trigger thyristor conduction, light bulb; when 555 timer output low level, the trigger thyristor is not conduction, the bulb is extinguished, Sensor Bags Light and the acousto-optic control can be realized by using the output end of the photosensitive transistor to control the trigger reset end of the 555 timer, Sensor Bags Light and the audio amplification circuit controls the trigger end of 555.

The design circuit can be divided into the following parts: Rectifier circuit part, voice-activated circuit part, optical control circuit part, Sensor Bags Light delay circuit part. The circuit design structure is shown in Fig. 3-1. In the rectification circuit, Sensor Bags Light it is rectified by the single type full wave rectifier circuit. Sensor Bags Light The voice-activated circuit is to use the pickup element to convert the sound signal to an electrical signal and then amplify the electrical signal with the amplified characteristics of the transistor. Optical control circuit is the characteristics of the photosensitive transistor to different lighting intensity to different current of the electrical signal, the electrical signal is amplified by the transistor input to 555 timer. Sensor Bags Light The delay circuit is a single steady state trigger circuit with 555 timer, Sensor Bags Light which realizes the delay 30s control by using its delay characteristic.

The so-called Bridge rectifier Circuit, Sensor Bags Light is a rectifier bridge composed of diodes, it is composed of two poles in the diagram, its function is to convert 220V ac to 10V DC voltage to provide subsequent voice-activated circuits, optical control circuit delay circuit and switching circuit and other circuits required for the operating voltage.

The step-down process of the rectifier circuit is a transformer with a certain turn ratio of 220V single-phase AC voltage input, the voltage after Buck is obtained, Sensor Bags Light and then the AC voltage of the transformer side is passed through the single rectifier circuit to obtain the DC voltage with a large pulsation coefficient. Sensor Bags Light In order to reduce the voltage fluctuation, the DC voltage after rectification Bridge is passed into the filter circuit composed by the filter capacitor, which makes the output more smooth. In order to obtain a stable DC power supply, the filtered voltage input regulator circuit is required. Sensor Bags Light The voltage stabilizing circuit is composed of a voltage stabilizing diode, which utilizes the voltage regulator characteristic of the diode to obtain the high stability DC voltage which is not affected by the fluctuation of the power grid voltages and the change of the load resistance. Sensor Bags Light In order to get 10V DC power, 220V frequency is 50HZ

Single sine AC input transformer, Sensor Bags Light Sensor Bags Light the ratio of the original edge to the side is 21nn, and the 8.3V voltage is obtained through the transformer.

AC power 220V through the single rectifier circuit through the full wave rectifier to obtain the average of 10v DC voltage, the pulse coefficient is very large. Sensor Bags Light Sensor Bags Light The diode of Rectifier bridge in single type circuit is selected MDA2501. Then the () 1OAVU DC voltage is filtered into the filter to obtain the DC voltage with the mean () 2oavu.

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